What exactly is a Customs Broker?

They are an individual licensed to help importers and exporters ensure complete compliance with federal law. All countries that import and export goods will have different laws pertaining to their specific interests.

Memorizing all CBP regulations, on top of those implemented by terminals, carriers, and all other parties involved with the import/export of goods, is virtually impossible, making the existence of Customs Brokers vital.

Customs Brokers assist their clients by liaising between shippers and government agencies.

How Brokers assist clients

They will ensure shipments meet all legal requirements, organize and submit necessary documentation, and review packing lists and commercial invoices to verify that taxes and duties have been properly calculated and paid. A Customs Broker will make sure that the goods are correctly classified with the appropriate Harmonized Code, allowing their clients to pay the lowest possible taxes and duties.

Because Customs Brokers do business on behalf of the importer, they must have on file a valid Customs Power of Attorney from the Importer of Record. They will also operate with joint and several liability with the importer. Therefore, if they are found guilty of fraud or negligence, the two parties may be required to share the violation.

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