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About The Company

With enough experience in the forwarding industry, a group of dedicated individuals agreed to join their resources and expertise to create a company that would become "the alternative" among the existing forwarders.

The staff members have solid experience in domestic and international freight forwarding including its allied services like Consolidation/ Deconsolidation, Brokerage, Door to Door delivery, Warehousing, Trucking, Project Cargo and Business Development, among others.

The staff members also believe that teamwork is one quality that keeps them together as customer satisfaction is enhanced with shared efforts for every task encountered. It is this same teamwork that motivates the group to this entrepreneurial endeavor with the belief that competition in a free enterprise could redound to better services in forwarding industry in particular, and more progress for Cebu and the Philippines in general.

Lofty as it may seem the company has for its vision, of serving across the seven seas, this does not deter the courage of facing such a challenge and offering its services to a wide range of clientele. Thus, with Cebu as its home base, the company is ready to serve to several destinations nationwide. An extensive worldwide network of Agents and Business Partners gives CREST the drive to compete with multinational companies apparently controlling the industry at present.

As CREST offers itself as the alternative, a healthy competition gives its clients the opportunity to make a choice for a better service. At CREST we say we are: Riding on the progress of Cebu for an alternative freight forwarding -CREST"

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