What is Consolidation?

Consolidation is the process where a carrier or a shipping company combines several smaller shipments into one full container.

Ideally, consolidation favors both the carrier and the shipper. In the case of the carrier, it helps to reduce the cost of shipment and to make delivery of goods quicker. And for the shipper with a smaller shipment, he would not need to pay for a full container shipment.

5 Benefits of Freight Consolidation

    • IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMERS’ SATISFACTION – To reduce your exposure to claims, improve your productivity and decrease your own expenditures, a freight consolidation program can help to bundle multiple shipments into fewer trucks. Not only will fewer trucks bump your customers’ docks as a result, but you will also significantly diminish the administrative work of managing delivery appointments, while also increasing the efficiency of unloading.
    • INCREASE CONSISTENCY IN YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN – As you consolidate your shipments, you need to look for any potential patterns and repetitive orders from your clients. Once you have identified such patterns and orders, they should become a part of your consolidation plan.

      Volume. Product mix. Seasonality. Buyers. These are just a few of the items that will impact your financial figures on a short- and long-term basis.

    • ACHIEVE SCALE AND COST SAVINGS – If your company is mid-sized, or ships LTL frequently, you understand just how challenging it is to reach whichever shipping volumes are necessary for you to achieve scale and cost savings.

    • SHIP SMARTER AND MAINTAIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP – To ship efficiently, a primary goal is to maximize the cube and weight of a trailer. By collaborating, you drastically increase your opportunity to more efficiently use the space of the trailer.

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