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BOC-Port of Davao, Navy Intercept Fuel With Alleged Unpaid Taxes (12/14/2022)

-The Bureau of Customs-Port Davao and the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao took
custody of a domestic shipping vessel and its unmarked fuel cargo last November 29 at
the Hijo Port in Tagum City.

Port officials took samples of the fuel, which were tested for the presence of the fuel
marker, an inert chemical added to fuel after payment of Customs duties and taxes.
Field and confirmatory laboratory tests confirmed the absence of the marker.

Hearings have been set to give the owners of the vessel carrying the unmarked fuel an
opportunity to challenge the alleged violations.

Pending the hearings’ decision, the Bureau has custody of the vessel and its
1,944,120,000 liters of fuel. The Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao assisted the BOC-Port
of Davao in guarding the vessel and its cargo.

Fuel owners face alleged violations of the DOF-BOC-BIR Joint Circular 001-2021 and Section 13 of Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 43-2019 “Treatment of Unmarked Fuel, Diluted Marked Fuel or Containing Fraudulent Marker.”

The Port continues to secure the borders as part of Customs Commissioner Yogi Filemon Ruiz’s priority program of increasing revenue collection.

It is also in line with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s socioeconomic agenda of upholding public order and ensuring a level playing field for all businesses

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